We offer 360 degree performance driven digital marketing solutions to our partners. Some of our offerings:

Lead Generation

We also provide lead generation & management services to merchants who would like to get their brand message across to prospective target groups or simply collect leads to promote their product/services directly. Our lead-generation solutions connect efficient lead generating publishers with advertisers interested in growing their business beyond traditional affiliate sales. These leads are qualified and screened thoroughly before we pass them off to our Merchants. ClickZoot has highly advanced click-fraud control technologies to screen out bad leads ensuring that the Advertiser/Merchant gets Quality leads each-time, every-time!

Our lead-generation solutions connect efficient lead-gen publishers with advertisers interested in growing their business beyond traditional affiliate sales.

Email Marketing

Our state of art ESP platform provides access to the most comprehensive push marketing solutions in the industry. Email promotions have one of the best ROIs in digital marketing spectrum and ClickZoot enables its Advertisers and Affiliates to use its best in class ESP technology to cast a wide net and reach out to as many targeted recipients as they may desire. We also extend email programs to our Advertisers with sophisticated auto responder mechanisms to ensure that the prospective customers convert at the right time!

Collate, measure and Optimize Data

ClickZoot deep dives into your analytics data to identify gaps and opportunities across channels. We then propose strategies to improve campaign performance further, and analyze hypotheses to spot the ultimate winning theory. Our primary goal is to constantly optimize your conversion funnel-from clicks through leads, qualification and finally sales.


The mobile advertising space is growing at an exponential rate. ClickZoot is here to help you take advantage of this lucrative market. ClickZoot's unique relation with our mobile Affiliates and Advertisers give you the precision analytics tool to identify and engage your target market effectively

We pull in traffic from specific smartphone users - right down to the area code - on the platforms you want, including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. We will help you optimize and track all the activities that pertain to this specific promotion type.


Clickzoot Offers Unmatched User Experience with its Powerful Customization Tools

3x Higher Monetization Compared to Traditional Banners

Scalability: It is believed that native advertising cannot be scaled. We have proved otherwise, and we have successfully brought native advertising onto a global scale.

Our engine divides individual elements of a native ad unit and dynamically adapts it based on the layout of the website on which it appears. Creatives can be scaled to any number of sites while maintaining its native composition.