Performance marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to increase your ROI and complement or even substitute your usual promotional channels. The massive scalability of performance marketing will help you build market share well beyond what you can grow through branding alone. Performance Marketing implies a success based revenue sharing relationship between online advertisers/merchants and online publishers/affiliates. Publishers promote a product or service, and route interested consumers to an advertiser's website. If the visitor conducts the desired action -a sale transaction or filling up a form (lead) on the advertiser's website as a result of the publisher's advertising efforts, the publisher will earn a certain percent of the gross sale/flat fee as compensation.

ClickZoot works with Advertisers right from the stage of identifying and understanding the advertisers' product/service, to designing and executing a test campaign and then eventually deploying its army of experienced Publishers and Affiliates with the creative assets that will rocketfuel the campaign to success. ClickZoot not only drives traffic to the Advertiser but also optimizes the traffic to convert them to sales.

By deploying a strategic combination of cost-efficient pay-per-action promotion with intelligence-supporting strategy, conversion-optimized creative assets, sticky content and community and comprehensive data analytics, ClickZoot delivers the results Advertisers want to see!

Why work with us? 

ClickZoot adopts a consultative approach to Performance management. Our in-depth understanding of the global Performance Industry and our ability to spot trends and drive results help us in extending bespoke performance marketing solutions to Advertisers. Clickzoot knows the landscape, how to mitigate risks and how to get your product or service to market quickly. Clickzoot tests and determines what works best for you. Our infrastructure and relationships create economies of scale you can't access as economically on your own.

We are results-oriented

You only pay for campaign performance in this mutually beneficial relationship. As an advertiser you pay only when you get a sale or get a lead! ClickZoot publishers invest their resources and deploy their traffic source to you and you pay only when the sales or the lead incident is triggered. Win- Win situation for Advertisers! Always!

High Quality Leads

At ClickZoot, we do not compromise with Quality. Through our robust affiliate tracking engine, automated and manual procedures we ensure high quality traffic and leads.

High Quality Affiliates

We have an extensive affiliate screening mechanism that we use to screen and enrol only the brightest of the lot. Not only that, we have a penchant for identifying potential super-affiliates and provide all the training and the grooming to ensure their success. But at all times, we ensure our affiliates stick to our Quality mantra!

Access to International Publishers

ClickZoot has very strong working relationships with Publishers/Affiliates globally and brings this advantage to its Advertisers by driving in quality international traffic.

Campaign Testing

We have an internal publishing inventory which we use to test out offers before we pass them to Affiliates. We study analytics such as demographics of the users converting, average CTR for the creative, average conversion rates, geographic considerations, and more to increase CTR and conversions. This enables us to optimize the campaigns and present it to our Affiliates so we know from Day 1 the campaigns are successful. We take this opportunity to revert to our Advertisers with comments on how best to modify/optimize the campaign based on the data analytics from the test.

Creative Support

We understand that sometimes your creative team may be busy with their BAU projects and may not have the time to modify an existing creative from a running campaign based on publisher feedback. We have an extensive creative team which takes continuous feedback from publishers on how best to optimise the creatives. We incorporate these suggestions and send them across to you for your approval. It saves you time as well as money and the result is Win-win for everyone in the ecosystem!

Knowledge Sharing

The Pay for Performance industry is a knowledge driven industry and ClickZoot ensures that all Advertisers in its Network have access to the knowledge on best international practices in the Performance Industry. ClickZoot uses its knowledge and data analytics to provide deep insights into the Advertisers campaigns so that the campaign is further optimized to provide optimal ROI. The ClickZoot team also shares insights on local and global performance industry trends, latest strategies on optimizing performance campaigns, and other strategies via webinars on a regular basis.

Experienced Affiliate Managers

Our experienced and talented client team is here to help fine-tune your performance strategy, campaign creatives, traffic types and approach. With Affiliate Managers covering all the major categories, we can help grow your traffic.


Compliance and Quality Assurance (CQA) - Clickzoot is home to the industry's leading CQA team. Not only will you enjoy a substantial volume of leads, but you'll relax knowing your campaign is being promoted ethically and on-mark.